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Switchboard is now Dopt (with a fresh new look)

Phil Vander Broek's headshotPhil Vander Broek
  • September 8, 2022
  • 1 min read

Many B2B SaaS products lack a certain something. Functional? Yes. Usable? Maybe. Human? Not always. When thinking through who we wanted to be, it was clear to us that we wanted to be different. We wanted to be true to our mission, our product, and our users — but we also wanted to bring more joy into the world of software.

As builders, we know how much we expect out of our tools. They should:

  • Be powerful, flexible, and accessible.
  • Bring the whole team together.
  • Solve the hard problems while keeping you in control.
  • Be simple, supremely usable, but not dull.

We wanted our product and brand to embody these principles. Dopt provides a visual flow builder and SDKs and APIs to easily build the best self-serve flows for your users and your product. Our tools are powerful and composable. With Dopt you can build onboarding that fits seamlessly into your product’s interaction model, leveraging your product’s UI components. It feels like your product because it is your product.

This is different than other onboarding tools. They only offer a few elements like modals and tooltips that feel bolted-on and restrict your creativity. They take control away from developers and break as your product evolves. They’re not built for builders.

But we are. And we wanted our brand identity to reflect it.

Our new name Dopt is a playful riff on Adoption and it’s short, memorable, and punchy. Our logo is a clean, digital-retro wordmark that embraces our ethos. Our blocks and code snippets are simple but powerful and composable — just like Dopt.

Branding example

Our display font, Degular, is human-but-still-legible with just the right amount of charm. Our layouts are clean with rich colors and plenty of white space.

Branding example

And our personal favorite, a set of little Dopt emojis. These represent the builders — our users.

Thumbs up emoji with star emoji

That’s the core of what we are: built by builders, for builders.

Our new name and look are just the first steps for Dopt, but we couldn’t be more excited about what it means for the future of creating amazing self-serve product experiences.

Check out our new site, sign up for free, and let us know what you think.

And stay tuned for some more exciting updates soon :).