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How Attio uses Dopt to ship and iterate on custom product tours

Alon Bartur's headshotAlon Bartur
  • July 4, 2023
  • 2 min read

Attio’s onboarding challenge

Attio is a startup that is building a radically new type of CRM that combines the power and flexibility of an advanced CRM data model with the most intuitive features of no-code software. They’re focused on shipping a product that is simultaneously powerful and intuitive, whether a customer is an advanced user or just getting started.

Getting onboarding right is critically important in order to strike this balance correctly.

Attio had explored using a no-code product onboarding tool, but the lack of flexibility was a deal breaker.

They had built a prior onboarding checklist in-house in order to have the control they needed to ship a high-quality experience, but found themselves managing more complexity than they expected which led to a lack of iteration and a sub-optimal experience for both the team and for their users.

The checklist we built in-house really showed us the complexity of maintaining state based systems that are driven by events. The checklist was slow to iterate and contained multiple user facing issues that made it frustrating for us and frustrating for our users.

Alexander Christie
Alexander ChristieCTO

Building with Dopt

Attio found Dopt, and loved that it gave them full control over the experiences they built while helping the team ship and iterate far faster than they were able to when they built in-house.

Attio’s first Dopt flows are a series of tours that trigger as users discover new areas of the application. For example, navigating to their ‘Companies’ view triggers a tour highlighting key features that new users should be aware in order to get their jobs done.

Dopt made it possible to get the first iteration done in a single day just by dropping in the SDK as a dependency. This is great for getting feedback and experimenting without building any state management plumbing. Thanks to the web UI for building flows, I could involve non-developer stakeholders from day one.

Daniel Leary
Daniel LearySenior Product Engineer

Dopt enabled Attio to ship their new tours using their own custom built tooltip component and highlighting behavior. Developing with Dopt was simple—they were able to develop rapidly while Dopt managed all of the complexity they previously faced around persisting and managing the state of their user flows. Dopt also made it easy for non-developers on the team to define the details of their tours, and let them easily iterate on content and logic without needing developers in the loop for every change.

Dopt’s impact

Dopt helped Attio ship fast without compromising on quality. Attio has been growing rapidly, and they’ve been shipping new capabilities at an extremely rapid clip. They need to be able to ship product onboarding and education experiences as quickly as they ship new product value without wasting unnecessary developer time that could be helping them move faster. Dopt enabled them to ship high-quality product tours in a single sprint with a single developer. It’s also allowed them to iterate more easily, making sure they discover the most effective experiences for their product and their users.

With Dopt we were able to ship our tours experience from start to finish in two weeks and we’re able to iterate on copy in flight!

Alexander Christie
Alexander ChristieCTO

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