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How Productboard tripled their AI beta conversion rate using Dopt

Alon Bartur's headshotAlon Bartur
  • November 6, 2023
  • 2 min read

Productboard’s challenge

Productboard, the leading product management platform, sought to accelerate the adoption of its new offering, which leverages generative AI to help product teams better understand their customers. Because of its novel nature and potential data privacy concerns, they made Productboard AI opt-in. The team had an ambitious goal, getting 50% of eligible workspaces to opt in by the end of the quarter, but workspace administrators needed to accept new terms of service to use it, which slowed down adoption.

To bounce back, we needed to target admins, explain the benefits of the AI features, address their privacy concerns, and make it simple and clear.

Dominik Ilichman
Dominik IlichmanProduct Manager

Why Productboard chose Dopt

To tackle this challenge, Productboard turned to Dopt. They were looking for a way to ship fast and set themselves up with a scalable and repeatable mechanism for consistent education experiences as they released new functionality.

We were originally planning to build a solution in our backend services which would track which customers have seen the modal, and what version they saw. When we saw Dopt we were quite stoked — it essentially meant we could own the front end and completely avoid implementing anything in the backend.

Patrik Šlárka
Patrik ŠlárkaSenior Software Engineer

Building with Dopt

Using Dopt, Productboard was able to create an announcement using its own modal component that allowed users to opt-in directly from within the announcement without having to navigate to their settings page.

Productboard’s AI opt-in experience

Dopt hooked directly into Productboard’s existing data stack, making it easy to send the data they were collecting in Segment to Dopt and send data from Dopt to Amplitude so they could analyze their announcement alongside the rest of their product usage data. They could use the data from Segment to target their modal to users with the right roles and on the right plans to avoid interrupting users unnecessarily.

The development experience was simple and allowed them to ship quickly with their own component.

Dopt’s SDK was very well written and easy to use. We could build the flow using our existing design system which meant we didn’t present two visually distinct styles to our customers or have to tediously style components.

Patrik Šlárka
Patrik ŠlárkaSenior Software Engineer

Dopt’s impact

Dopt helped Productboard ship their AI announcement quickly, blow past their adoption goal in days by more than tripling the number of workspaces who opted in, and allowed them to uphold their high quality bar with a polished and considerate experience.

As a small team juggling core product work, we were able to significantly accelerate the adoption of our features in just a few days with one developer. We were able to target the right users and allow them to enable Productboard AI directly from within the announcement.

Dominik Ilichman
Dominik IlichmanProduct Manager

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